Solartron showcased at AMETEK Technology Solutions Centre launch

mardi, décembre 10, 2019

Solartron Metrology precision measurement solutions were part of the ultra-precision product showcase at the launch of the new AMETEK Technology Solutions Centre in Paris.

AMETEK is our parent company and has established the Centre, which now serves as its regional headquarters, to support the growth of its electronic instrument and electromechanical product businesses in France.

Solartron part of new AMETEK ultra-precision regional innovation hub

The prestigious facility is a regional centre for innovation and its primary function is to showcase new products and technology from AMETEK businesses, including Solartron Metrology. Customers from across Europe can access live product demos, training sessions and expert advice.

At the AMETEK Centre, visitors can find out more about two new product launches from Solartron Metrology. We have recently added Solartron Gauging Computer Software and the Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module to our portfolio.

Solartron Gauging Computer Software is an innovative, entry-level metrology solution for manufacturers that don’t require larger gauging systems, while the cutting-edge Solartron Air Gauge Interface Module makes it simple for customers to use air gauge measurement probes with the Orbit® Measurement Network.

AMETEK Centre: a gateway to Solartron precision sensor solutions

The AMETEK Centre is located in Élancourt City in Paris. Products at the facility include the latest ultra-precision technology from a broad range of industries, including the aerospace, factory automation, 3D scanning, optical emission, camera assistance systems, power management and durability testing sectors.

Solartron Metrology is proud to be closely involved with this regional centre for excellence and for our precision measurement sensor solutions to form part of this global showcase of pioneering, advanced technology.

Developing world-leading measurement technology and delivering the highest standards of service are the foundations on which Solartron Metrology is built, and the new Centre is an extraordinary opportunity for customers to find out more about what we do and how our solutions can benefit them.

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