Metrology and Manufacturing Excellence

lundi, septembre 24, 2018

Title: Metrology and Manufacturing excellence


Publish date:25/09/2018



Metrology is a fundamental part of manufacturing excellence and a critical component of Industry 4.0.

The precision measurement sensor technology behind quality assurance processes is an essential feature of the advanced manufacturing landscape. Its importance lies not only in enabling products to go from the (digital) drawing board to the real world and the marketplace, but also in helping manufacturers improve product quality and operate more cost-effectively.

Metrology, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Metrology and its relationship with additive manufacturing is a good example of the role that precision measurement technology plays in Industry 4.0. The advance of this sector, also known as 3D printing and rapid prototyping, has been extraordinary and shows no sign of slowing. Additive manufacturing is an essential part of the fabric of advanced manufacturing, and precision measurement technology contributes to this success story.

The TCT Show is an opportunity to see the latest developments in the manufacturing, 3D printing, design and engineering technology sectors. The annual show, which takes place in September, showcases new advances in additive manufacturing, including how metrology specialists are developing their technology to help facilitate growth in the sector.

Precision measurement technology in the F1 and the medical sectors

This interview with Pat Warner, Renault Sport Formula 1’s Digital Manufacturing Manager, provides a good insight into the development arc of additive manufacturing over the last 20 years and how it has become an essential advanced manufacturing technology. Over this period, the use of 3D printing systems has evolved to the point where it is now critical to the manufacture of key components of Formula 1 race cars.

The narrative for 3D printing technology is similar in the medical sector. Today, additive manufacturing is used across this industry, from the use of 3D medical models to plan and perform surgery to the creation of customised joints. The first 3D-printed hip celebrates its 11th birthday in 2018 and is still going strong.

And, of course, part of the reason why 3D printed components can be confidently placed in humans and cars is metrology and quality assurance technology.

3D printing and the challenges for industrial metrology specialists

Naturally, the development of additive manufacturing comes with challenges, for both manufacturers and industrial metrology specialists. This TCT Show Talk by Dr. Michael Wilson offers a good insight into the relationship between additive manufacturing and metrology, and how precision measurement technology plays a key role in the advancement of 3D printing systems.

Dr. Wilson discusses issues surrounding the accuracy of additive manufacturing for repeat production, whether 3D printed products are identical, and the viability of this technology as a manufacturing tool.

The TCT Show and advances in additive manufacturing and metrology

Turning the focus around, the development of additive manufacturing is having a profound impact on industrial metrology. Metrology specialists are adapting precision measurement sensor technology to meet the demands of constantly evolving 3D printing manufacturing systems.

The TCT Show is an opportunity to learn more about the development of full-field measurement sensors and in-process precision measurement, as well as advances in the integration, automation and portability of precision measurement technology. Furthermore, it is a chance to find out more about how metrology is helping manufacturers streamline and improve their processes, and create superior products and achieve significant cost-efficiencies.

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