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Why Higher Performance Does not Mean

Higher Costs: The Real Costs of a Price-Only

Buying Decision

In highly competitive manufacturing industries, such as automotive and electronics, it is important to keep costs as low as possible. However, basing a decision about which measuring equipment to use on price alone is rarely a good idea. This is particularly the case with complex components and mechanisms where tolerances are extremely tight. Buying on price alone could result in the sensors being less efficient, more prone to errors, taking longer to arrive and there being less support with buying decisions and using the equipment.

The Benefits of Working with a One-Stop-Shop

Provider of Sensor Solutions

Shopping around for the best deals on different sensor equipment may seem like a good idea for keeping manufacturing costs down but having a one-stop-shop for your sensor solutions provides a wide range of benefits not available when you buy from numerous suppliers. Buying from a single expert supplier ensures that all your sensor equipment is compatible to produce that vital ‘big data’ and make it easily accessible for users.

Introducing Single Leaf Flexure

Solartron Metrology is proud to present the latest innovation in sensor technology: single leaf flexures. Designed to address the need to take a large number of measurements in difficult to reach places, the single leaf has a range of features that enable users to take measurements in a wide variety of applications.

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